Saturday, January 26, 2019

"Spending the End of the World on OK Cupid"

Spending the End of the World on OK Cupid
Jeffrey Lo

Michelle Skinner and Tasi Alabastro
A modern day prophet for the last six months has been screaming his prediction that the world would end last night; and in fact, half the world’s population suddenly evaporated.  He now says that tonight at midnight, everyone else on earth will complete “The Vanishing.”

With that premise, there are merely a few hours of existence remaining as Jeffrey Lo’s play, Spending the End of the World on OK Cupid, opens, now in its second production at Pear Theatre after being commissioned in 2016 by Ohlone College’s Theatre and Dance Department.

For my full review, please continue to Talkin' Broadway:

Rating: 3 E

Spending the End of the World on OK Cupid continues through February 17, 2019 at Pear Theatre, 1110 LaAvenida, Mountain View.  Tickets are available at or by calling 650-254-1148.

Photo by Michael Craig

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