Sunday, November 5, 2017

"Singing in the Rain"

Singin’ in the Rain
Betty Comden & Adolph Green (Book); Arthur Freed (Lyrics);
Nacio Herb Brown (Music)

The Cast of Singin' in the Rain
As the orchestra ticks through well-known number after number during the “Overture,” the music swells until the one everyone knows is coming begins its familiar float of notes.  And at that moment, a man in hat and with umbrella appears for less than a minute, hanging onto the lone light pole and then swinging around with one arm extended while grinning exuberantly.  It is at that moment that everyone in the Broadway by the Bay audience knows that we are in fact about to see a stage version of the 1952 film almost any movie fan on earth loves to love and has probably seen multiple times, Singin’ in the Rain.  

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Rating: 3.5

Singin’ in the Rain continues through November 19, 2017 at at the Fox Theatre, 2215 Broadway, Redwood City.  Tickets are available at .

Photo credit: Mark Kitaoka and Tracy Martin

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