Tuesday, July 11, 2017

"Summary of 2017 Theatre Eddys at Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Ashland"

Summary of 2017 Theatre Eddys at Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Ashland

The following is my final rank-order of the ten plays I saw this year in Ashland at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.  I was lucky enough to see all but one of the 2017 season’s offerings.

The list starts with what I consider the best show of the year, that one being among many good ones.  I include the “E” ratings given each and a link to my review.

2nd.  Shakespeare in Love, 5 E

3rd.  Henry IV, Part One, 5 E

4th. JuliusCaesar, 5 E

6th.  UniSon, 4 E

8th.  Merry Wives of Windsor, 3.5 E

9th.  Henry IV, Part Two, 3.5 E

10th The Odyssey, 2.5 E

In addition, I saw and reviewed The Drowsy Chaperone at Oregon Cabaret Theatre, rated ‘5 E’.  If placing in the above listing, it would be 5.5.

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