Tuesday, June 6, 2017

[title of show]

[title of show]
Jeff Bowen (Music & Lyrics); Hunter Bell (Book)

Derek DeMarco, Jocelyn Pickett, Nick Rodrigues & Caroline Clark
When Jeff Bowen and Hunter Bell decided in 2004 to enter a brand-new musical (and not an adaptation, thank you) into the New York Musical Theatre Festival competition, they soon decided that their actual dialogue and process of creating a script (Hunter) and score/lyrics (Jeff) in only three weeks was going to the be musical itself.  That they could not decide an appropriate title became the title, and [title of show] was born about “two guys writing a musical about two guys writing a musical about two guys writing a musical.”   The journey of the musical’s often bumpy and near disastrous birthing and its eventual off-and-on-again trip to an actual Broadway stage is the subject of [title of show], now being staged at Los Altos Stage Company.

Please click here for my full review on Talkin' Broadway: 

Rating: 3 E

[title of show] continues through June 24, 2017 in production by Los Altos Stage Company at the Bus Barn Theatre, 97 Hillview Avenue, Los Altos CA.  Tickets are available online at http://losaltosstage.org.

Photo Credit: Richard Mayer

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