Sunday, May 14, 2017

"Pear Slices 2017"

Pear Slices 2017
Various Playwrights

Briana Mitchell, Ariel Aronica, and Bryan Moriarty
From its writers’ forum often come full-length plays that premiere on the intimate Pear Theatre stage, and also emerging is an annual offering not unlike this year’s version of Pear Slices 2017: Eight fifteen-minute plays performed in repertory by seven talented actors.   What becomes evident shortly within the first act of the two-hour, fifteen-minute evening is that a lot can be accomplished on stage in only a quarter hour.  Stories are told; characters are developed; surprises happen while mysteries are solved; laughter ensues and tears suddenly well.

For a full review of this year's eight playlets, please click to my Talkin' Broadway review:

Rating: 4 E

Pear Slices 2017 continues through May 28, 2017 at at Pear Theatre, 1110 LaAvenida, Mountain View.  Tickets are available at or by calling 650-254-1148.

Photo by Ray Renati


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