Monday, January 30, 2017


Sherman Edwards (Music & Lyrics); Peter Stone (Book)

The Cast of "1776"
How familiar does this sound: A Congress that seems to get nothing done?  A Congress that is divided into two factions that can barely tolerate each other?  Committees upon committees where members of Congress meet to debate ad nauseum and decide little?  Members of Congress debating who should and should not be considered citizens of the United States, focusing particularly on a minority? 
That history unfortunately repeats itself becomes all too obvious in what turns out to be a timely production by South Bay Musical Theatre of the near-fifty-year-old gem, 1776.

For my full review, please go to the San Jose/Silicon Valley section of Talkin' Broadway:

Rating: 3 E

South Bay Musical Theatre’s production of 1776 continues through February 18, 2917 at the Saratoga Civic Theatre, 13777 Fruitvale Avenue, Saratoga, CA.  Tickets are available online at   or by calling 24 hours a day 408-266-4734.

Photo Credit:  Steve Stubbs

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