Wednesday, January 14, 2015

"Shit & Champagne"

Shit & Champagne
D'Arcy Drollinger

Opening the new Oasis nightclub, the revival of Shit & Champagne brings the excitement and energy that should launch this venue into a long life of fun and frolic.  Drollinger's farce of the low-budget, 70s 'exploitation' films for the most part hits its mark at every turn.  With super-hero-like drag queens; bumbling Keystone-like bad guys; 'women' who overpower the men around them to rule the day; slapstick performed flawlessly; hilarious slow-motion action scenes; blood, guts, gore and yes, shit abounding, this show has it all.  This is a show where nothing is sacred and no minute goes by without drawing huge audience guffaws; but it is also one where heart does emerge, where friendship is sacred, and where every audience member leaves with a smile.  Maybe this is not great theatre, but it sure is fun and an only-in-San Francisco must.

Rating: 4 E's

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